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Online advertising has paved its way into the Information Highway, turning in its best year of ad spending since 2001, according to a study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers and sponsored by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).
Advertising revenues surged to $1.74 billion in the third quarter, marking a 20 percent escalation over the same quarter in 2002 and a 5 percent increase over second quarter 2003" (Webadvantage, 1998).
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The Yesup Network reaches 700 million users each month by delivering pop-under advertising windows, 350 x 350 pop consoles, 468 x 60 popup banners, Popin, contextual advertising and many other type of ad formats to approximately 10,000 specialized websites within its network of qualified members. Our Network capacity is increasing at a rapid rate of 20% or more per month. Currently, our network ranks within the top 100 at
We offer a broad array of solutions that meet the needs of ad agencies and advertisers who require the focus of site-specific targeting, both demographic and geographic, or run-of-network (untargeted) campaigns targeted to their needs.
YESUP NETWORK SITES utilizes the most advanced Contextual targeting technology to best reach your targeted audiences. is the most cost effective pay per click search engine to reach your targeted customers at as low as 1 penny per click. utilizes pop-under technology along with precise viewer targeting that can effectively increase your traffic and sales. allow your ads to select specific website(s) within the network to target their niche to.
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