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Why should I choose to be a reseller of your network instead of others?
We are a very large network that supplies our own traffic with many successful resellers doing this on a full time basis. We offer very low rates and have professionally trained Account Managers to help you with all your needs.
How do I make a Profit?
Our system provides a Rate Card in every account that allows resellers to calculate the prices of different targeted markets in different networks. These prices are the amount for you to set up campaigns. You may use it to help determine the price/rate to charge your clients to ensure you get a profitable margin.
Who can become a reseller?
Anyone can apply. Just fill out our application fully and provide any supporting information that may help you get approved.
If I signed up a Regular Reseller Account, can I upgrade it in the future?
Yes, you can. If you are a Regular Reseller and want to upgrade to be a Supreme Reseller or Supreme Reseller Plus, you only need to pay the price different in the Set up Fee (e.g. Regular Reseller is $50 and Supreme Reseller is $100; you only need to pay $50 more to upgrade to be Supreme Reseller) and a monthly fee.
What traffic types do you offer?
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What targeted traffic do we offer?
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More Info: For current reseller rates contact us at http://reseller.yesup.net/reseller_contact.php
Clicksor.com utilizes the most advanced Contextual targeting technology to best reach your targeted audiences.
Yesup.com is the most cost effective pay per click search engine to reach your targeted customers at as low as 1 penny per click.
Infinityads.com utilizes pop-under technology along with precise viewer targeting that can effectively increase your traffic and sales.
Adonion.com allow your ads to select specific website(s) within the network to target their niche to.
XTargeting allows advertisers to get targeted local traffic to your websites.
xxxwebtraffic.com serves as our Adult exchange center, serving 7,000+ direct publishers which allow us to target this specific audience.